“This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come.”

We are building the world’s most comprehensive database of
COVID-19 Policy Measures


Our why

COVID-19 presents humankind with a global crisis unprecedented for our current generation.

The need for coordination of production and supply of emergency goods, works and services, the protection of fundamental human rights from executive abuse and the mitigation of impacts within marginalised populations present urgent and pressing demands on governments worldwide.

Our what

Global governance mechanisms to meet this global challenge are weak.

Our collective response to COVID-19 so far has been primarily actioned by national government policy responses worldwide. These responses (some of which are changing on a daily and even hourly basis) have been vast, varied and targeted to meet the immediate threats within localized areas. Less is being done to assess the longer term and systemic impacts of current policy responses and to ensure a just and fair transition for all.

Our how

As science and society make the shift from a mechanistic world view to a more systemic one, so too must the law.

The new science of the interconnectedness of life demands we understand systems complexity and renders traditional legal methods demonstrably outdated and out of step with nature and society.

Meta-legal approaches apply complexity theory to legal research and this allows us to uncover new pathways to understand, negotiate and solve legal problems in creative, universal, collaborative ways thus enabling regenerative and emergent legal solutions.

COVID-19 Data Visualisation

COVID-19 statistics, graphs, and data tables showing correlations and connections between policy measures, law and their consequences.

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