COVID Country Spotlight

Thank you all for getting on board with lawyers around the world and taking the time to work collaboratively on a global database of legal response measures. Below you will find all the countries and their presentations from our GCPR Sprints.


May 2020

Nisha Rajoo’s presentation on the Sprint

We hosted Ms Nisha Rajoo, a legal and public policy professional from Singapore.

Ms Rajoo presented how Singapore’s unique technical capacity and agile response system helped flatten the curve and prevented the disease from further spreading. 


May 2020

Alexa Anastasia Pantelidis’ presentation on the Sprint

Ms Alexa Anastasia Pantelidis lead a discussion on the data privacy issues that arise from the use of contact tracing apps, and the ways in which developers can attempt to combat these concerns.


May 2020

For Brazil we had three lawyers, see the presentation on the Sprint

We hosted Mr Gabriel Laender, a corporate Lawyer with more than 15 years of experience, with multiple high-stakes cases on his background and a former Policy Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the President of Brazil and current State Attorney of the Espírito Santo State – Brazil.
Ms Brenda Rocha is a lawyer with 8 years of experience. She worked in Brazil with public law and compliance, especially for local governments in the area of public procurement. Holds a master’s degree in public law from the University of Coimbra and spent 1 year as a researcher at the University of Munich (LMU). She also has a master’s degree in International Business from Europen Business School/Spain and, since 2020, has been specializing in data protection and digital law.
Mr Victor Prata, a lawyer and researcher focused on Law and Technology, especially in Privacy and Data Protection. Victor is a former fellow of the Internet Society at IGF and Mozilla Foundation Open Leaders.

South Africa

June 2020

Munene Mugambi’s presentation on the Sprint

We hosted Mr Munene Mugambi, a Doctor of Philosophy Candidate at the Department of African studies under the Environmental Humanities South Program at the University of Capetown South Africa.

Mr Mugambi’s academic and research interests range from rural agrarian climate resilience, rural agrarian transformation, political ecology and economy of Africa and food security in Africa. He will highlight current issues that South Africa is grappling within the midst of this pandemic, from how the state is responding to COVID-19 through actions, ongoing political debates, and the citizens’ concerns toward the lockdown.