5th January 2020 – The WHO notified Member States under the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) of an outbreak of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan city, China. The pathogen is a novel (new) coronavirus.

30th January 2020 – the outbreak was declared by the WHO International Regulations Emergency Committee to constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

11th March 2020 – WHO declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic.

Since then governments worldwide have been taking vast and varied decisions sometimes changing on a daily basis to meet the immediate threats.

Less is being done to assess the longer term and systemic impacts of current policy responses and to ensure a just and fair transition for all.

Join us for a research sprint!

We will take three hours and we look for

  •  official links to Gov sites with policies
  •  resources/laws/policies
  •  point of contact in regions we cover
  •  more organisations
  •  additional resources

You are a fit for this project if

  • You know we cannot fight COVID-19 and future pandemics alone
  • We go faster together
  • You like internet research
  • You have at least 3 hours to spare

All contributors worldwide will be recognised on gcpr.io

Sprints agenda

1) On-boarding process for new GCPR Contributors (3pm-4pm CET)

2) CPR Country Spotlight presentation provided by one of our active contributors (4pm-5pm CET)

3) Guided GCPR meta-legal research with a feedback loop and discussion about Hubs and NCoPs (5pm-6pm CET)

Join us for a research sprint!